December 14, 2012

Handmade Holidays: Ornaments

For my final installment of my handmade holidays series, I wanted to share with you some easy-peasy ornaments I created that I used both on my mantle and in our kitchen for a little holiday cheer.  As a relative Christmas novice (for those who don't know, I am Jewish, so I only grew up celebrating, because of Josh, I get to do both...score!), I am pretty shocked at how expensive ornaments can be...even the most basic ones.  That's what makes these ornaments even better because they were made from the glass ornaments sold at craft stores (mine were $4 with 4 in the box, so $1 per ornament) and a bunch of supplies I already had!

Speaking of supplies, let's tell you how to make these lovelies.  There are actually two types, so we'll start with the "harder" of the two: the glitter ornaments.
You'll need:
  • glass ornaments
  • Pledge floor cleaner
  • glitter
As for making them, begin by taking the top part off the ornament.  Pour some floor cleaner into the ornament.  Don't be afraid to over pour it because you're just going to pour what you don't need back into the bottle.  Swish it around, so that the Pledge coats the entire ornament and then dump the rest back into the Pledge bottle.  Pour the glitter in (again be generous because you can pour the excess back).  Roll the ornament around again, so that the glitter sticks to the entire ornament.  Let it dry upside down overnight.  Here's a close up so you can see all its glittery goodness:

That was tough, huh?  And now for the shiny paint ones.  For these you'll need:
  • glass ornaments
  • acrylic paint of your choice
  • small brush
btw, you can see the Pledge in the background from the glitter ones
 in case you didn't know exactly what i was talking about

Again, take the tops off the ornaments.  Squeeze some paint in.  Swish it around to coat the ornament entirely.  I had to use a thin paint brush and even my finger to get the paint up to the top of the ornament and coat it.  Once it's nice and even, turn the upside down to dry.  

How easy are both of those?  Go ahead and try it for yourself this weekend!

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