October 8, 2012

Levi Shane at 9 Months

Holy Moly!  3/4 of my baby boy's first year is in the books and we are quickly approaching that big 1 year old mark.  And as we do, I certainly can tell that I no longer have a baby-baby, but more of the grown-up version.  When I hold him now, I realize that he is no longer that tiny thing that but a bigger boy that takes up my whole torso!  He now eats real food (and often eats more of the kids meals we order than his older brother does!).  Levi loves to explore and has figured out how to get up and down the few steps we have in the house to do so!  And all of a sudden, he has a mouthful of teeth; he got 5 teeth this month alone!
Levi really is a sweet, happy baby (even the babysitters at the gym comment all the time on his pleasantness).  As much as he loves to explore, he also makes sure to come back for cuddle time every few minutes while doing so which makes my heart melt.  He absolutely adores Colton, constantly cracking up at his antics and trying to play with him.

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