October 23, 2012

Because I Can

This month's cleaning project/organization take-on was our closets.  As lame as it sounds, I actually look forward to switching out my closets each season.  Not only do I discover clothes that I had forgotten about since they had been packed up for 6 months or so, but it also gives me a chance to declutter and reconsider.
In accomplishing my mission this time around, it became obvious that I needed a new solution for my collection of bags.  Now, I'm not one of those girls who has a bag for every occasion.  In fact, I have a pretty measly collection: my gym bag, an evening clutch, and then a spring and fall purse.  My in-season purse and diaper bag already reside out in our entryway, so really I just needed a place for the three others not in use.  I used to put them in a basket at the back of my closet, but it was always a chore to get to it.  And while I don't use 2/3 of the bags but so often, I do actually use the gym bag almost daily, so I needed a place where it was easier access...I needed a purse rack.
I searched for one to buy, but when I couldn't find anything that I liked I decided to take the same action that I did in Colton's room.  I bought a basic $8 rack at AC Moore.
I had already removed the hooks in case you're wondering
Because I didn't want to just duplicate the same thing I had done with Colton's (where I painted it), I decided to mod podge some scrapbook paper on this time.  Living with three boys (4 if you count Chipper), there aren't many places in this house where I can get away with using pink to decorate.  My closet may just about be the only one!  So I did...I used a pink chevron pattern paper.
And since the hooks were already off and because I had some gold spray paint left over from my fall decorating, I decided to spray paint the hooks as well.

And when everything was all good and dry, I put it back together.

Unfortunately, that's about as far as we've gotten though.  Josh got pretty sick (virus kind of thing) Saturday afternoon-now (super!), and seeing as our resident hanger has been out of commission, my little purse rack is still waiting patiently to be hung in the closet.
But logically...now that I have this lovely purse solution, I do think it is time to invest in a few more bags for it, mainly a new clutch.  That makes sense, right?!?

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