September 6, 2012

Levi Shane: Month 8

When you have a baby whose life you measure in months, it is amazing how quickly those months fly by...and how much that baby changes in each month.  Our little Levi has had quite the big month.  At the beginning of it, he had just begun to crawl, but now he is 100% mobile...crawling, pulling up, and even "walking" along furniture.  Because of that, we think, and the fact that he can now join in on his brothers' mischief-making, our happy baby is even happier these days.  Levi is also a big babbler, and while "mama" and "dada" have both been said, we are kind of banking on the fact that they were definitely accidental, so no official first word yet!  Levi is also a BIG eater and has started to get pieces of "real food" off of his brother's plate.
Due to Levi's affinity for movement, capturing a picture of his this month was especially difficult, but we did manage....
And then some of the outtakes:

And one of his ridiculous brother who couldn't stand to see his little brother getting all the attention.  Can you say ham???

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  1. oh my goodness how cute! and does go by WAY too fast!


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