August 21, 2012

Paradise Continued

It's probably not a surprise, but I took so many pictures of our vacation that my post yesterday was getting lengthy after only recapping 2 days of our vacation!  I am determined, though, to get through the rest of the week in this post.  So....starting with Monday...
Colton had been eagerly anticipating the trip to the "wa park" for weeks (in fact, when I woke him up at 3 in the morning on Saturday to leave, he sprung out of bed saying "wa park"!), so I felt a little bad that we didn't make it there on the first couple of days (I know...kid's got it really rough, huh?).  Well, Monday morning we  made sure to make the trek to the slides and fun.

And then we spent some more time at "our" pool.  By the way, have you noticed how ridiculously loved my children are by my family?  This week made me realize how lucky they and we are to have grandparents, aunts, and uncles in their lives who truly adore them...these boys get so much attention it's ridiculous.

We were actually there for my parents' 35th wedding anniversary (more on that to come) which was that Monday, so that night we headed out to dinner at Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay's Atlantis location.  Levi really liked the bread there!

On Tuesday, Levi and Josh chilled in the room for a bit while Colton and I hit the rapids ride with my parents and sister.  The signs said he could ride it with me and a life jacket, but honestly, I would not recommend it if your tot is his size/unable to swim!  The ride itself was not overly rough, but there were a bunch of kids purposely throwing themselves out of their tubes and knocking into people and I was terrified the whole time that I was going to fall out/lose Colton/have some other tragedy!  We survived, though, and he had a blast, so maybe I was over reacting!

Josh spent Tuesday afternoon golfing with the other men folk, so the boys were stuck with me and the ladies.  We hit the beach, spent some time at the pool, and even got lunch before naptime.

And after naps, it was time to join the men at the golf course.  I'm not usually into golf course beauty, but this one was pretty impressive!

That night, Nene and Papa were nice enough to volunteer to watch the boys in our room for a couple of hours so that Josh and I could actually have some adult time, which meant we were off to the casino (Josh's choice, not mine...I think it's a man thing that if there's a casino available they HAVE to be there, right? Or maybe it's just the men in my family?)
On Wednesday, we decided to board the ferry and head into Nassau for some looking around and lunch.  My dad was very adamant that it was not worth anybody's effort for the boys to go (to which he was completely right), so they stayed back at the hotel and did some more swimming with Nene and Papa.  Meanwhile, we dealt with the heat, crowds, and piles of junk in Nassau.  Let's just say I'm much more of a Paradise Island/Atlantis person, but it was nice to be out for the morning with my brother, sister, and their significant others.  After we got some lunch over there, we boarded the ferry to head back.
we dropped the boys off in my parents room...
and took a picture on their balcony for good measure!

Papa and Levi getting ready to hit the pool
Colton "challenging" Levi to a crawling race before we left

That night, we went back to the Marina Village for dinner at Carmine's. We stopped to get Colton some ice cream on the way back to the room, and while we were inside, a Junkanoo parade came by.  He made it out in time to watch it and was pretty fascinated by the whole thing (Levi slept through it, so I guess he wasn't too impressed!).  Unfortunately, my camera was MIA for the evening, so I have no pictures.
But have no was relocated Thursday morning!  Just in time for our family walk around the property.  Although we had seen pretty much all of it throughout the week, I wanted to go back with my camera and get some family shots in certain places (and amazingly Josh agreed!).

All week, Colton had been totally fascinated each time we saw one of the fish/shark/ray tanks, so we stopped by the big one for another visit as well.

And since it was our last real day, we, of course, hit the pool, beach, and water slides one last time.

The boys even managed to take their naps pool side, which was super nice, because Josh and I got a chance to relax down there...and sip on pina coladas!
For our last night, Josh and I broke down and decided to hire one of the resort's babysitters, so we could share a nice dinner with my family.  We went down to the Courtyard Terrace at the One and Only Resort, a beautiful place and fantastic meal.

Afterwards, Josh and I decided to stay out for a bit and get some drinks.

All week, we had seen the gold-medal-winning Bahamian relay team around the resort.  When we ran into them again, Josh decided to take one guy's picture (he seemed to have no issue obliging!)
And finally Friday was spent getting ready to head home and then dealing with the ridiculous process of checking in/going through customs.  
one last meal in the room

on the bus headed to the airport

And after waiting in lines for about 2 hours total, the boys were thrilled to see a small playground in the airport.  They got to play for about 2 minutes, but it seemed to appease them some!  We then scarfed down some lunch and got on the plane to return...

Whew!  That was a lot of pictures!  But it was a pretty awesome trip, so I guess that should have been expected:)

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