August 28, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

One of the best parts of our trip a couple of weeks ago was that all of my favorite people were right there with husband, my boys, even my parents and brother and sister (and significant others).  Well, except for one...

For obvious reasons, Chipper could not make the trip with us.  And let me tell you something, we sure did miss that pup.
Poor Chipper gets a pretty bad rap most of the time.  And in fairness, he kind of deserves it.  The dog could certainly never be called well-behaved.  He's a shit...and he knows it...and he revels in it!
But when he's not getting into mischief, he is one of the sweetest, most loyal, most friendly, loving, patient dogs you'll ever meet.
After we were reunited last week, I noticed  him with a new appreciation. He is always right at the door, tail wagging, when we get home, and how he patiently waits while I put down the stuff and the boys, and then he jumps up to give me my welcome home kisses.  He comes sprinting back to join me and snuggle with me in bed in the mornings once Josh has gone to work (he's not allowed to sleep in our bed, but I usually let him back there once Josh leaves around 6).  He lets the boys pull on him relentlessly.
the three brothers

There's no doubt Chipper is an integral part of our family.  When our flight got in late that Friday night, we brought both boys into the house sound asleep.  But when they heard Chipper  jumping around, both of them perked up and gave him big smiles.
Everyone warned us that with children, the dog becomes an afterthought.  Sadly, I can admit that Chipper's attention has certainly decreased since having the boys, BUT he is no way an afterthought.
He may not be the best dog in the world, but he's the best dog for our family.  And we sure do love having him!

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