August 24, 2012

2 Years Later...

As of August 21st, I have officially been blogging for 2 years!  I find this astounding for 2 main reasons: 1. I can't believe I have found 2 years worth of stuff to write about (and most days I actually find it do I have so much to say?!?), 2. I really can't believe so many people read this blog on a daily basis.  I don't get many comments, but if the stats are correct, it's amazing to me that so many people are checking in to see what I have to say!
When I first started blogging, I did it because I wanted a creative outlet.  And honestly, I was kind of hoping and praying that it may provide some sort of income so that I could stay home with my baby boy (yep, that was Colton at the time).  But my expectations and motivations for blogging have kind of evolved over the couple of years.
I still do it mainly as a creative outlet...I love that the blog keeps me motivated to try new projects/recipes/parties and gives me a place to share them with the world.  I love even more when I see those same things pinned or something's pretty gratifying.  And while I have actually made a bit of money from this blog (well really more from outside writing opportunities that were prompted by people seeing the blog and a very small amount from advertisers), I have kind of given up the idea that this will ever be a real money maker for me.  I'm definitely OK with that, though.  Considering that I don't have a real job now, I treat the blog as my job of sorts.  I put real thought into the content that I am publishing.  As antisocial as it probably sounds, I blog to share my ideas...not to gain followers...and if those ideas somehow/someway lead to something bigger someday, well, then awesome!  But if not, well...I'll at least have a permanent record of our life over the past couple of years!
The unfortunate side effect of this approach to blogging (and my horrible negligence) is that I am a really bad member of the blogging community.  I have a lot of loyal people who comment and send me emails frequently...and being the craptastic commenter that I am, I rarely emember to return the favor.  So, if you fall into that category, please accept my apology and appreciation and while I would like to say that I will get better at commenting, my track record shows that is probably not the case.   Another area of neglect?  I have actually been awarded several different blog awards over the years...and though I've tried to at least acknowledge and thank the giver privately, I haven't acknowledged them here.
And these awards generally come with the rule that you're supposed to disclose x amount of random facts about yourself and then pass the award on.  Well, I figured now was a good time to at least participate in some way.  I'm not really going to pass them on now since they're pretty old, BUT I can give random facts about myself (I exciting, right?!?  Or...better late than never, right?!?).  So, here we go...five random facts about little ole me:
1.  I have some really weird eating habits...or maybe I just haven't evolved from a baby food stage or something.  I don't like a lot of flavor on my foods...maybe a little salt, but that's about it...plain rice, plain noodles, plain bread...AWESOME.  It gets worse...I also like my crackers and chips slightly stale.  Stale probably isn't the right word, but I purposely leave the bags slightly open so they get a little mushier.  And speaking of mushy, I like my ice cream slightly on the verge of becoming milk!  Whenever I eat it from home, I take it out of the freezer about a half hour before I plan on eating it.  Please don't judge!
2.  Since we're sharing my issues, I'll also disclose that I constantly live my life in a laying down/reclining state.  Josh makes fun of me that I can't sit up. EVER.  Even when I'm driving, I have one foot up on the chair or across my lap...real safe, huh.
3. As a female, I know I'm supposed to have a thing for shoes, but honestly, I just don't.  Give me the basics...a pair of black, pair of brown, some flip flops, etc, but I'd really rather spend my money on clothes.  Although I am seriously considering purchasing these or something like them for the fall.  Thoughts?
4.  And since this has pretty much turned into an airing of my craziness, I will also share that I don't like going to the movies.  I know other people LOVE the experience, but to me, it just seems miserable to go into a cold, dark, uncomfortable theater crammed up next to people I don't know.  I'd much rather watch the same move (all be it a few months later) in my snuggly  pjs, laid out on the couch (I already told you I don't sit up), with a glass of wine if necessary, and with the ability to pause/rewind, etc.  The last move I saw in the theater was The Hangover (the first one!).  Pathetic, eh?

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  1. Idk why, but your not sitting up thing made me lol! Probably because I do the same thing and people constantly lecture/laugh at me for it!!


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