July 6, 2012

There Has to Be a Better Way

Last week, my mom had Colton over for a special Nene-Colton day, which left me and Levi to have specially mommy-Levi day.  I learned a lot in that day:
*there's only but so much you can do with a six-month old...after making funny faces for about 15 minutes or so, I was antsy to move on to something else...so I would do something for a bit...and then come back to the funny faces (or other appropriate activity!)
*having one child is amazingly easy!  How did I not realize this when I only had one?!?
*saving all the house upkeep tasks for one day make for a pretty crappy day
While I really can't do much about the first two, I did realize that I could do something about the third.  I guess I should give you a bit of background first.
When I became a stay-at-home mom, I took over the cleaning duties from our very nice cleaning lady, Rowena, in an effort to save a bit of money.  But considering I absolutely hate cleaning, I would put it off and put it off until the dust/gunk was so noticeable that it HAD to be dealt with.  This would usually result in a once-every-three-weeks-or-so cleaning spree... while Colton was at school, since it was pretty hard to accomplish with him in the house...that took me a few hours.  Well, since Colton hadn't been in school for awhile, I knew that the day he was going to be at Nene's was the opportunity for me to get the cleaning done again, but it totally sucked!  Instead of getting to enjoy a rare day with just Levi, I was busy slaving away at these awful tasks.  And that's when it hit me...maybe it would make sense to spread these tasks out instead of tackling them all at once.  I realized each individual chore was only about a 10-20 minute task in itself (sometimes even less), so if I committed about 30 minutes (and hopefully even less a day) to cleaning than not only would I not have to ever have a dreadful cleaning day again, BUT the house would also hopefully not get so out-of-hand in the first place.  Duh, huh?
I looked on Pinterest at a lot of different cleaning schedules, but none of them really seemed to work for me, so I made my own.

In case, you're looking to utilize this too, I feel like I should clarify a few things.
*I included anything and everything that needs to be maintained...our house, the outside, the car.
*I didn't bother to include things on the schedule that I already do on a daily basis (make the bed, cleaning dishes, etc) or things that would really need to remain random (weeds, running the dishwasher).
*I aimed for NO MORE than 30 minutes of work daily (and hopefully less each day).  I hope to get this stuff done first thing in the morning before we even leave the house (I already do our daily stuff then anyway, so we'll see).
*I didn't include weekends cause who wants to clean on the weekend?  I figured they could always serve as make-up days if necessary!
*I didn't feel the need to define the tasks too much, instead figuring that I would do as much as necessary each week, so for example, if the bathrooms need sinks, toilets, tubs, etc scrubbed one week, but really only the sinks the next, then so be it!
*For the things that have two listed on one line (sheets/car and high chair/patio), I plan to rotate which of those I do each week...in my mind, they were things that only needed to be done every other week instead of weekly...we'll see!
*And finally, I figured while I was at this new spread out cleaning mentality, it also made sense to take away the deep cleaning from one month (I usually save it for April) and spread it out throughout the year as well.  So, I also created a monthly schedule for that.  For some things, deep cleaning will be more of decluttering (like the closets) and in others be actual cleaning (baseboards, blinds, etc).  I strategically placed the closet cleaning twice a year during the months in which I typically switch over the clothes for the new season.  I also did the kitchen twice a year because our pantry, freezer, and refrigerator seem to need organizing more frequently.

So, there it is!  Because I'm a big dork, I'm actually kind of excited to initiate my new schedule this week and see how it goes.

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  1. I like it! And I'm totally pinning it :)


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