June 25, 2012

Sherbert Anyone?

Ready for another party? Excellent!!! (And if not, this will be the last one for a couple of weeks so just hang in there).
This particular party was done for a friend of mine. Back when I was starting to really give Dream Bashes a try, I contacted her to see if she would want to do a birthday party. Win for her because she got a little shindig out of the deal and win for me because I got a bit of practice and some pretty pictures at the end (hopefully!). She agreed and we got to work planning her perfect party.
At the consultation, we were throwing around ideas and while we were discussing the possibility of a rainbow party (I've always wanted to do one and with two boys, it just doesn't seem likely I will get to have one on my own), my friend mentioned something about rainbow sherbert. Well, that was it...I was hooked on the idea of a rainbow sherbert-inspired party, especially since we had already decided the affair should be a dessert and cocktails bash.
I had a lot of fun designing this party. For one, I love desserts (and cocktails if we're going to be honest). Plus, most parties that I do are more cute than pretty...this one was definitely more pretty... and bright, and girly, and just fun!
For decorations, I used vases willed with fruit (grapefruit and oranges...there were meant to be limes as well honestly, but I ran out of time to cut them) to tie into the color scheme. The event was held outdoors in a space that didn't have much lighting, so I knew I would need some candles. I chose to make the tissue paper votives, so that the candles would be a bit more festive and fun (they actually looked pretty cool in the dark, but alas, I didn't get any photos).

The menu consisted of key lime bars, strawberry cake pops, and creamsicle shooters. There was also a rainbow sherbert cake that served as the centerpiece...but due to the heat, it only made a brief appearance and is not in any pictures!

One of my favorite elements were the water bottles. When I found this fun duct tape, I bought it and knew I had to use it for something...and then the light bulb went off to use it on to jazz up plain water bottles.

Something I have really enjoyed crafting for these parties has been all the printables. I have no graphic design experience, but have really had fun learning as I go. You can see the food and drink tags in the above pictures, but I also designed this invitation that went along with them.
Unfortunately, the execution of this party didn't go as well as I had hoped. But I did learn some valuable lessons (mainly to allow myself more time to set up and to make a packing list ahead of time), got some good practice, and now have some more pictures to add to my portfolio. Plus the birthday girl seemed to have a blast...and ultimately that is most important...so we'll check it off as a success!

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